Top 7 careers in computer science

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Choosing to study computer science is like opening a door to a world filled with exciting job choices, amazing chances to create new things, and learning how to solve problems in smart ways. It's a subject that doesn’t tie you down to one place or one kind of job, meaning the skills you learn can be used in loads of different areas all over the world.

In the UK, where technology and education sectors are both at the cutting edge, starting a career in computer science offers a fun and forward-looking future.

Top 7 careers in computer science

In the big and interesting world of computer science, there are lots of different computer science jobs that mix technology, creativity, and new ideas. Let’s take a look at seven jobs that are not only exciting but also offer great opportunities for anyone interested in diving into the tech world.

Data engineer

Data engineers are like the wizards of the data world, turning tricky data into something simple and useful. They build systems that grab, keep, and use data, making sure it’s good to use and helps people make smart decisions. They also work with different teams, like IT and business, to make sure that the systems not only work well technically but also help the business grow and succeed.

Cloud engineer

Cloud engineers create and look after digital spaces (like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud) that let applications and services work on the internet. They make sure these spaces are strong, work well, and give a smooth experience to users, always aiming to make these cloud solutions as helpful and fun to use as possible.

Software architect

Software architects are like digital builders, designing the big picture of software systems to make sure all the technical bits and pieces fit together just right. They decide how different parts will connect and work together, keeping everything strong and ready for the future. They turn great ideas into working technology, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Python developer

Python developers use Python, a flexible coding language, to build, test, and look after software applications. Python can be used for lots of different things like building websites, sorting data, and making automated systems, making these developers important for many different projects and tasks.

Computer systems analyst

Computer systems analysts are tech detectives, looking closely at a company's tech systems and finding smart ways to make them work even better. They make sure that technology helps the company achieve its goals, turning tech potential into real-world success and growth.

Security engineer

Security engineers protect the computer systems and online spaces of organisations from cyber-attacks and break-ins. They not only build and watch over security systems but also act quickly if something goes wrong, making sure any problems are fixed and everything is kept safe.

DevOps engineer

Dancing between creation (development) and usage (operations), DevOps engineers make sure the process of making and delivering software is smooth and fast. They help different teams, like those who create software and those who make sure it works well, to collaborate and keep software being made and delivered in the best way possible.

Study computer science at Royal Holloway, University of London

Navigating the world of computer science demands not only skill but also a foundation built on high-quality education and hands-on experience. Royal Holloway, University of London isn’t just a university; it's a gateway where your aspirations in computer science meet world-class education and a rewarding academic experience.

Why choose Royal Holloway?

Global recognition

Proudly standing amongst the top 30 universities in the UK (The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2024) and being in the top 25% of UK universities for research that is either “world-leading” or “internationally excellent” (Research Excellence Framework released in 2021, the latest ranking), Royal Holloway provides a hub where innovative research meets global impact, enhancing lives and industries on a worldwide scale.

International perspective

As a global university that ranked 36th in the UK for international outlook (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023), the universality and inclusiveness of Royal Holloway are unmistakable, crafting a rich world of diverse cultures, ideas, and innovation.

Outstanding outcomes

BCS accredited degrees (British Computer Society, the Chartered Institute for IT) and 92% of graduates in employment or further study within 15 months (The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide, 2023), the future awaiting Royal Holloway graduates is not just promising but also enriched with a competitive edge in their careers. Graduates work in all sectors of industry or they join or create start-ups. Employers have included Amazon, Apple, CGI-Logica, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Microsoft and Sky.

Industry-relevant learning

An impressive 100% of MSc taught Computer Science programmes are available with an optional one-year industry placement, bridging theoretical knowledge with real-world application, ensuring that your learning is not just current but also relevant.

The International Study Centre

As an international student, you can begin your UK education journey at the International Study Centre. Here, you will find pathway programmes expertly designed to develop your academic knowledge, subject-specific and English language skills in preparation for a computer science degree at Royal Holloway.

The International Foundation Year in Sciences is an excellent place to begin your study of computer science. The programme is designed to help international students transition into UK education and builds important skills such as academic writing and English language development to the level needed for university study.

The International Study Centre also offers the International Year One in Computer Science and the International Year One in Electronic Engineering. Designed to provide a pioneering learning space that fosters an enriching education experience, the programmes allow you to develop a foundational understanding of programming or computer systems for beginners.

For students looking to study at master’s level, consider the Pre-Masters Programme in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. This programme is structured to provide you with a modern introduction to the major technologies involved in computing and electronic engineering, in preparation to study a postgraduate degree.

After successful completion of one of our programmes, you can seamlessly progress to your chosen computer science related degree at Royal Holloway.

Want to get started? Find out more about our entry requirements, fees and visa information.


Is computer science in-demand in the UK?

Yes, Computer Science is one of the most sought-after degrees in the United Kingdom at present.

Is the UK a good place to study computer science?

Absolutely, the United Kingdom is renowned for its rich history of groundbreaking advancements in computer science, providing first-class education and varied career paths.

What are the benefits of computer science?

  • Career Opportunities: Abundant and varied roles in multiple industries.
  • Innovation: Drive technological advancements and create new solutions.
  • Problem Solving: Develop critical thinking and solve complex challenges.
  • Versatility: Apply your skills in various sectors and roles.
  • Global Impact: Contribute to global technologies and international markets.